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The Presbyterian Church of Australia Web Site, is mostly a directory of congregations, courts, committees, organizations  and other church institutions.

The Presbyterian Church of Australia in NSW  Among other things, it points to some of the websites of most sub-groups, congregations and standing committees of the church

The Presbyterian Theological Centre at Burwood in Sydney trains ministers but also has an extensive training program for people who just want to learn something new. A big source of information on standards and requirements for entry to the ministry. Its links include many of the major theological institutions in Australia.

Presbyterian Youth The  website of the Presbyterian Youth movement of the Presbyterian Church in NSW.

The Elders Association
.  This organisation, an official one of the Presbyterian Church in NSW, contains a lot of useful training  material for elders.

The Church of Scotland
is the largest parent church of Australian Presbyterianism. It no longer has any constitutional links with the Australian Church but it shares a common heritage with it. It contains a lot of relevant and interesting information.

The Cyberhymnal
   Enjoy a good hymn singalong? The site plays most the known tunes and provides a range of details for literally thousands of hymns, traditional and modern.

If you are visiting Sydney or Canberra, these congregations at the heart of the city will make you welcome.


Scots Presbyterian Church in Sydney's CBD

St Andrews Presbyterian Church in Canberra ACT