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Men and Women -
Equal in Christ,
Equal in Mission"
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Know the Presbyterian Church

 The menus below contain information in some detail about the way the Presbyterian Church conducts its affairs.
The details unashamedly  reflect the attitude and values of the Presbyterian Fellowship.

Much of the information below can be downloaded (See "Issues and Downloads" at the left)

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What does it  mean to be Presbyterian?
Federation of State Churches
The Scheme of Union


The Lower Courts of the Church
The Higher Courts of the Church
The Barrier Act
The Code
Key Office holders in the Church
The Session Clerk
“Decently, and in Order”
The Rights and Obligations of Church Membership
The Congregation
The Eldership and the Ministry
Calling a Minister
Women in the Church


The Scriptures
The Westminster Confession of Faith
The Peter Cameron Heresy Case
Social and Moral Concerns


Presbyterian Worship
The Sacraments – Baptism and the Lord’s Supper

Judicial Processes

Appellant Procedures in Church Courts  - an overview

The Right of Dissent, Appeal and Complaint

The Right of Petition
Procedures for Appeal and Complaint
References and Overtures