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Issues and Articles for Downloading

    Many issues are causing concern within the Presbyterian Church. It may be that they cause factionalism in the courts of the church or they are the cause of distress in congregations.

Such issues need to be drawn out for honest and open discussion.

Below are a series of papers available for downloading which state the concerns of the Presbyterian Fellowship clearly.

Those listed as pamphlets are A4 size pages that fold to three-panels.

Women in the Service of the Church

The Church and the Ordination of Women” PDF File of Fellowship  pamphlet


The Constitution of the


Presbyterian Church

The Organisation of  the Presbyterian Church” PDF File of Fellowship pamphlet

The Basis of Union”  PDF File of Fellowship pamphlet.

Members rights in the Presbyterian Church” PDF File of Fellowship pamphlet

The Scriptures in the Presbyterian Church of Australia” PDF File of pamphlet

Presbyterian Fellowship

Membership form in pamphlet format. PDF file.


The Polity of the Presbyterian Church of Australia

Calling a Minister” PDF File of Fellowship pamphlet

The Role of the Session Clerk” PDF File of a fellowship pamphlet

The Overture Process” PDF File of a Fellowship pamphlet

Studies on Islam and Christianity



Over a period of two years the Church and Nation Committee, at the request of the NSW General Assembly, worked on a set of easily accessible and inexpensive study materials aimed at informing Presbyterians, and any one else who may be interested, about the religion of Islam, viewed from a Christian perspective.



The study material, when completed, was organised as a set of seven three-panel brochures that could be easily downloaded from a website and duplicated at minimal cost, each of which explored a topic on the subject. In addition a tabulated leaflet set out the differences in a nutshell and was created to enable people engaging in the studies to keep track of what had gone before. It was intended that this material could be used for private study or for group studies. It could also have been used as resource material for a course on comparative religion. Questions were included with each study intended to invite discussion or deeper thought.



As it happened, the 2009 General Assembly, in the end, chose to endorse material on Islam written by Patrick Soekdheo and also declined to endorse the Church and Nation Committee's material. The Committee returned the material to its writer with its thanks for the effort expended.

The writer, in an effort to ensure that the study material did not fade into oblivion, then offered it to the Presbyterian Fellowship Executive, which agreed to make it available for downloading through its website under its own logo.



The Copyright is owned by the Presbyterian Fellowship but the material may be downloaded and copied freely on the condition that its content is not altered.

The topics listed below can be viewed and downloaded in PDF format simply by clicking on the title.

Study 1 "Fundamental Beliefs"
Study 2 "The Bible and the Qu'ran"
Study 3 "Personalities"
Study 4 "Women"
Study 5 "Civil Rights"
Study 6 "Taqiyya"
Study 7
"Blasphemy and Jihad"
Background Pamphlet "Islam and Christianity in a Nutshell"