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Elders Database

    The Ferguson Memorial Library of the Presbyterian Church is seeking to build up its database of every elder of the Presbyterian Church in NSW, past and present, for posterity. It is asking for information from members of the church in order to complete its records.

     Some suggestions as to how to do this include:

  • Using the pro-forma in this website, simply type or write a profile of the elder under each of the headings and print it out. Send to the address below. Fill in the displayed form either on your own behalf or on behalf of someone else who was an elder, e.g  mother, father, grandfather/mother, friend, deceased session member. Please ensure details are as accurate as possible. Other accompanying items, if relevant, e.g photos, copies of obituaries, extract Session minutes etc. will need to be sent or taken in to the library separately.

  • Alternatively, click Email Ferguson Library Database and type in the details if known in the following order:

    Date and place of Birth,
    Date and Place of Ordination,
    Honours and Degrees,
    Date and Place of Death,
    Marriage Details,
    Sessions on which served,
    Education and Employment,
    Publications authored,
    Offices held (other than elder)
    Significant Life Experiences,
    Any other significant details.

    You may find it useful to cut and past the list above as headings

    Please identify yourself as the source of the information

  • If you personally don't have access to a computer, use the questions asked on the pro-forma (hopefully someone has given you a copy) to write out the details and send it by mail to the Church's Archivist at the address below.

  • Publicise the existence of this website and the pro-forma among your congregation's elders. Circulate, if necessary a blank copy of this form to fellow elders or relatives of deceased elders and ask them to return the completed form to you for forwarding to the Library.

  • Note that where there is extensive detail, this form may not be adequate. Persons submitting  larger profiles should do so separately as per the first suggestion above.

 The completed forms should be sent to : 

The Librarian
Ferguson Memorial Library
168 Chalmers St
Surrey Hills
NSW 2010