The Presbyterian Fellowship
Men and Women -
Equal in Christ,
Equal in Mission"
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The Directory of the Presbyterian Fellowship

We include on this page a list of the people who comprise the basic organization of the Fellowship.

Honorary President
Mr David Crawford     
7/42 Fuller St
Chester Hill
NSW 2162
(Elder, Scots Sydneyl)
Ph 02 9645 4951

Honorary Treasurer

Miss Fiona Perry
PO Box 518
Roseville 2069
(Elder, Scots Sydney)

Honorary Secretary

Mrs Jill Stevenson
(Elder St Ives)


Ph 02 9983 9188

Editor Presbyterian Review

Mr Ted Grantham

(Elder Concord)

The Executive Committee

Mr John Goodman, Elder, Epping
Mr Ted Grantham, Elder, Concord

Miss Janet Kelett, Elder, Mayfield
Mr Ian McDonald,
Rev Douglas Murray, Minister Emeritus
Miss Fiona Perry, Elder, Scots, Sydney
Mrs Jill Stevenson, Elder, St Ives
Mrs Joan Thuaux, Elder, Balmain
Rev. Adrian Van Ash, Scots, Sydney
Dr Helen Clements, Elder, Bathurst


Dr Helen Clements, Elder, Bathurst
Mrs Jenette Cram, Elder
Mr David Crawford, Elder
Mrs Yvonne Forsythe, Elder, Cootamundra
Miss Janet Kelett, Elder,
Mrs Margaret McGregor, Elder, Wagga Wagga
Miss Kath McQuarrie, Elder, St Andrew’s Canberra
Rev. Doug Murray, Minister
Mrs Joan Thuaux, Elder
Mr John Shepherd, Elder

Regional Contacts

Ms Kath McQuarrie, St Andrew’s, Canberra
Rev. Tony Lang, Newcastle
Mrs Margaret McGregor, St Andrew’s, Wagga

Membership Secretary

Mrs Rae Moore, Elder, Willoughby

Honorary Auditor

Miss Pat Watts, AASA   Member, Beecroft

Review Distribution

Mr Joan Thuaux, Elder, Balmain