The Aims of the Fellowship
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(Extracted from our Constitution)

1. To provide Christian love and support for all its members.

2. To assist its members in the practice of a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

3. To do all in its power to work for the salvation of all mankind.

4. To engage in the work of Christ’s Church and in particular:




4.1 To advance religion according to the tenets of faith set forth in the Basis of Union of 24 July 1901 of the Presbyterian Church of Australia,

4.2 To assert, maintain and defend Presbyterian doctrine, worship and government, according to the aforesaid tenets of faith,

4.3 To advance promote and encourage Christian and theological education, whether in Australia or overseas, for people of  all ages and callings throughout  the Presbyterian Church of Australia,

4.4 To relieve poverty, infirmity and sickness in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,

4.5 To provide social welfare assistance, benefits, service and accommodation for the needy of  all ages in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

5. To use the Reformed doctrines as instruments for, or the means of, proclaiming the Christian Gospel and in building up the people of God and not as ends in themselves.

6. To support members who belong to the Presbyterian Church of Australia in the task of maintaining and protecting the Church founded upon the said Basis of Union, 1901

7. To resist any changes by the Courts of the Presbyterian Church of Australia which affect the operation of, or rescind, abrogate or otherwise derogate from the rights provided by the Declaratory Statement contained in the said Basis of Union, 1901.

8. To work for the removal of limitations on ministry in the Christian Church and, in particular, to work for the rescission of any law, or personal prejudice, which prevents women from being ministers  and elders of the Presbyterian Church of Australia.

9. To promote liberty of conscience and right of private judgment so that legitimate diversity of opinion is heard within the Church in a free, open spirit of dialogue.