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"Men and Women -
Equal in Christ,
Equal in Mission"

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   The Presbyterian Fellowship is an association of  members, adherents­ and supporters of the Presbyterian Church of Australia who are trying to maintain the spirit of the worship, doctrine and practice of the Church as it has been since the various state churches were united in 1901.

The Fellowship recognizes the need for change in a changing world. It supports many of these changes and encourages exploration in new directions which will make the Church and its Faith more relevant to people in the new millennium. This includes the opening up of all areas of ministry and church leadership to women. However, at the same time, it believes that some of the traditions of the church are valuable and need to be maintained and preserved.

In recent years there has emerged a distressing spirit of legalism and intolerance, including anti-women feelings, all of which is threatening the unity and purpose of the church. The Presbyterian Fellowship was set up to be a counter-influence to these attitudes and to provide support for individuals and groups who were being threatened by them. We could be accurately described as an ecclesiastical “resistance movement“.

The Fellowship will continue to exist as long as its members feel that its aims cannot be fulfilled from within the structures of  its parent church.

Our Fellowship members are not obliged to adhere to a particular doctrinal position but rather tend to reflect the broad range of opinion traditionally valued within the Presbyterian Church. However they find common ground in opposing the narrowing and restricting of the principles of honest scholarship and liberty of opinion for which, up till recently, the Presbyterian Church has always been well known and respected.

As an organization we seek productive dialogue, mutual acceptance and shared influence, believing that the Church is enriched by its diversity.

Welcome to the web-page of the Presbyterian Fellowship

Annual Meeting 2015


This was held the in the Scots Church Sydney in September 2015. THis was a little later in the year than previous years

The Annual Report of the Executive to the membership will be published in a later issue of the Presbyterian Review.


The General Assembly of the NSW Church was held in July 2015 but resulted in little controversy.


However a motion was passed to appoint a committee to examine the qualifications for the Ministry and the Eldership. It requires little imagination to draw the conclusion that a new attack on women elders in NSW is forthcoming.

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The Burning Bush window at the Manly Church.
The bush is a symbol of the Presbyterian Church and its motto ‘Nec Tamen Consumebatur’ means ‘However it was not consumed’


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The Presbyterian Fellowship

GPO Box 100
Sydney 2001

PLEASE NOTE: There is no connection between the shadowy “holiness” group operating mostly in Victoria which calls itself “The Fellowship”. Our organisation is registered, publishes an official organ "The Presbyterian Review", operates with a constitution and conducts an annual meeting at which reports on the activities of the group and its finances are presented. The event is advertised and all members are invited to attend.
The information on these pages is intended to serve a range of people, most particularly Fellowship members and persons concerned at the directions that the church is taking, but also casual inquirers,  committed church members,  Religious Studies students and others seeking specific information on the subject of the Presbyterian Church.
Last Update 22nd August 2014